W – Weight

“OMG gurlfriend hai bae wattup ILY 4evargghhh BTW didya lose weight LOL WTH you look faaaab wish I could diet like u LMAO ROFL TTYL BBQ GDP DVD GST VAT #hashtag”

Above you have an example of a strange sentence that doesn’t make much sense. Below are two more sentences that make even less sense when you consider how they are said. Which of the following would be a compliment, and which would be an insult?

“You are so fat!”

“You are so skinny!”

Why? Why is it that the first statement is used so often as something negative, and the second as something positive? Why is that someone is “fat but nice,” yet someone else is “pretty and thin”?

I am naturally slim and comments like this still kind of annoy me. A girl I met the other day called me “beautiful and skinny.” While it was very nice of her to call me beautiful, I don’t get why these two words should be synonymous to her. I hope I don’t come across as ungrateful, but the comment did make me uncomfortable because it seemed to be conveying the impression that if I weren’t slim, I wouldn’t be beautiful.

Why is losing weight seen as an achievement, and gaining weight looked down upon? If you are on a diet with a ratio of bacon:lettuce of 500:1, that’s fine wanting to make changes for your organs and blood. If you collapse after walking up three steps, good on you for wanting to run and improve your heart strength. If you like the look of Schwarzenegger muscles and want to be able to pick up a horse with your pinky, feel free to lift weights. If you are a healthy weight to begin with, any fitness goals should be about, well, fitness, NOT just losing kilograms/pounds (yes, I am inclusive of both systems!) Yet these days it seems to be only about weight loss. Kind of boring and limiting really. And the saddest thing is people seem to be doing it not for themselves and their health, but rather for bullies, for society, or to impress someone. Or maybe they’re just doing it because everyone else is doing it.

I have never ever seen a mainstream article about a woman commenting how proud she was of the weight she gained from being pregnant. I have never ever seen a mainstream article about someone who has purposely gained weight that shows the diet and exercise that helped them to get there. There are expensive diet products everybloodywhere, from the supermarket to the chemist, meanwhile the only nutritional supplements I can think of are Sustagen, Fortisip, Ensure (and Milo?) For every 29034823904790725.06 articles there are on weight loss, there are ZERO articles on how to gain weight. Recovering from anorexia? Suffering from stress and not having time to get the nutrients you need? Depressed with a low appetite? Too bad, you will continue to be innundated with dodgy weight loss tips and have to figure out the milestones of weight gain on your own.

But going back to comments on someone’s weight and/or weight loss/gain… There are a million much more genuine compliments you can give someone about that has nothing to with weight. Their eyes, hair, smile, skin, nostrils, belly-button, teeth, accessories, posture, smell, lips, face, neck, voice, personalities, intelligence, achievements, skills and qualities as a person. For example, if you are reading this, well done! You are literate, command a reasonable vocabulary of English, and are spending your spare (or work?) time well ;o)

But in the end, you can be fat and beautiful, skinny and beautiful, skinny and ugly, fat and ugly, in between it all, a cat, a talking turnip, or a stuffed teddy bear, and in the end, if you’re overall physically healthy, it doesn’t matter. See, there’s a quote that goes: When you die, you’re going to be remembered for what you did with your life, not what you did with your body.

Sorry if this is a bit ranty, but hey, it’s the internet, I can say whatever I want.

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